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Dengue Treatment

Dengue Treatment

As u know that Malaria & Dengue both fevers are caused by mosquitoes. Dengue is more serious & may be fatal. In dengue fever "our platelet count become less". Platelet cells are those cells which are responsible for blood clotting. If they become very less in number, bleeding may occur in body and patient may die.

Our AYURVEDIC formulation starts production of platelets with in 3 days. This formulation enhance platelets in any disease. In any condition if your platelets are coming down.
eg:-liver disorder, blood cancer, dengue fever etc, send us report and get medicines.

Dengue is an airborne disease which is caused by the bite of Addis mosquito. This disease has been caused by the initial bite of the mosquito. We prescribe neem paste or medicine as an Ayurvedic remedy for dengue. It has magnificent healing properties and can be applied for any skin complaints. Our natural remedies have the potent in alleviating such as dengue disease. We prepared a herbal tonic which is made from the selected herbs and has a great purifying agent. Ayurvedic herbal remedies can be applied as a preventive tonic for many disorders including dengue.


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