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Blood Cancer Treatment

Blood Cancer Treatment

There are three types of cells in our blood –red, white& platelet. In Blood Cancer (leukemia) White blood cells increases in number. Chemo therapy is used to treat. Few strong chemicals are given to patient through intra venous rout or by mouth. These medicines kills the increased WBC but they also kills Red blood cells and platelets cells who are responsible to carry oxygen and blood clothing. These medicines decrease all the cells WBC, RBC, Platelets. When RBC decreases in number it cause Anemia. Due to anemia so many sign & symptoms are seen. Patient become week. Even patient may feel breathlessness due to the lack of oxygen. When platelet becomes less, bleeding may occur any where in the body. Doctors have to blood or platelets transfusion in such condition. In the Mean time white cells increase again. We repeat same chemo therapy white cells increase again & again. Doctors repeats chemo therapy & blood transfusion each time.

Is This A perfect treatment for leukemia?

Now, we have developed a good formulation to cure CML and CLL with the help of herbs. We correct the abnormal manufacturing .So increased cells come down in to their normal range. Red blood cells & platelets increase in number. In other words this is a unique formula to cure CLL & CML without side-effects. Both types of leukemia are cured very smoothly without any trouble or blood transfusion. See the results with in 15 days and continue the treatment up to permanent cure.


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