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Anemia Treatment

Anemia Treatment

If you are suffering from any type of anemia, don't bother. Now no need to take so many caps, tonics, injections etc. Even with them and diet regimn your blood increase by 1 gms in month.

We have searched few HERBS which raise your HB very fast.

Some Cases:-

Name : Aditi
Age:  21, her HB was 7 gms from long time. She had lot of treatment from different doctors but it remained 7 gms only. She came to us and we took her as a challenge and started our treatment. After 1 month she called me on phone with a lot of happiness that her HB has been increased to 9.3gms. Treatment remained continued for 15 days and HB becomes 11.7gms. Then we have stopped her treatment and now she is with 12 gm HB.

Name: Mrs.Nisha
Age: 40 yrs, came to me with an severe complaint of anemia. Her HB was only 3.7 gms. I advised her for emergency blood transfusion and ask to take our medicines. But patient couldn't arrange blood for transfusion and kept on taking our medicines, after 1 month her HB was 7.8 gms and then 9.4 after few days. Treatment was continued for 3 months,then her HB become normal.

If you are suffering from anemia or a similar blood disorder, we provide you our best remedies with herbal treatment. We prescribe ayurvedic diet for anaemic patients. We suggest the main dietary requirement for anaemic patients to take as much iron. Iron is the vital nutrient in reproducing red blood cells and can cure the anaemic patients. We suggest to take some sesame seeds, almonds, spinach, Soya beans, carrot, apple etc. As these are enriched with iron and can fulfill all the needs of an anaemic patient. We provide our Ayurvedic Herbs and Herbal Supplements that includes Punanava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Ghrtitkumari (Aloe Vera), Lauh Bhasma, Lohasava, Dhatri Lauh and Navayas Lauh to Remedy Anemia. This herb has been provided consists all the necessary iron components to reform the production of red blood cells of an anaemic body.

If you are suffering from any kind of anemia, contact us for your help, even at the time of chemotherapy or in kidney failure.    


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